I‘m afraid it’s unfinished.

I’ve started to move things around again on KarlMohr.net, and I’m far from being finished. The technical term for this is “public beta.” It’s code for not being quite ready yet.

As the strategist, designer, programmer, copywriter, and curator behind KarlMohr.net, I’m consciously aware that my work is never done. It’s a philosophy that’s rooted in the world wide web being a medium that’s constantly evolving. It’s what turns the word “finished” into a scary notion. Looking at something on the Web as being finished today means having fallen behind tomorrow.

This version of KarlMohr.net is next-level unfinished. At least that’s how I’d like to look at it. As you’ll see me blog again, publish new articles, and implement new ideas to better connect and work with you, you’ll be exposed to the messy job of taking KarlMohr.net to the next level.

I hope you’ll be coming back to discover new things on KarlMohr.net, knowing that I have no plans to finish it any time soon. Just like everything else on the Web, KarlMohr.net will keep evolving.

Happy browsing!

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