Jackson Steiner

Road Show for Asia Pacific Investment Fund


Working with a small boutique investment firm in New York City to expand its footprint and launch a new private investment fund, focusing on India as one of its key investment areas.

Despite the firm’s initial success as a distressed real estate investor, they realized that they still needed to build a brand and formulate a corresponding brand strategy to communicate their values, their philosophy, and stelar historic performance, if they wanted to instill confidence among potential investors in their upcoming securities offering.

After weighing a few available options with the client, their legal counsel, and their underwriter, I proposed a contemporary, minimalist design for their road show, where the client’s story and data would be the focal point. This was accomplished by fusing inspired strategic storytelling with beautiful custom charts to highlight financial potential, proprietary processes, and other key information.

The fund’s securities offering was well-received by investors in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and closed a mere two months after making its debut among targeted investors.



“Karl has been fantastic to work with. In fact, he was among the very few professionals who understood the scope and requirements really well. Karl’s depth of knowledge in the investment strategy area has been key to making this project a complete success”

Vikram Sowmyanarayanan

Head of Global Strategy, Jackson Steiner Wealth Management.

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