Helping leaders tell powerful strategic stories.

What I do.


Powerful strategic messaging that drives results in marketing, sales, recruiting, and procuring capital.

Brand Advocacy.

Next-generation branding that elevates a brand to a love brand and turns customers into believers.


Following a career at Deutsche Bank Alex Brown in New York, I co-founded Fast Ventures in 2001 and worked with some of the most disruptive companies to emerge in the past decade. This includes (acquired by Amazon in 2008), Net2Phone (acquired by IDT Corporation in 2006), Gaia Power Technologies (backed by American Space Traveler, Dr. Gregory Olsen, in 2005), (acquired by Interactive Corp. in 2003), and a few others.

In 2008, I founded Jackson Steiner, a small alternative asset and distressed real estate investment fund. When residential real estate markets bottomed in the US in 2009, I led a number of successful investment initiatives in Florida, Nevada, and New York.

Since the beginning of 2015, I work with entrepreneurs, tech startups, and established organizations to help them bring new ideas to life and develop high-level narratives that drive success in their strategic positioning, branding, marketing, and fundraising. I’m also an external advisor to two US law firms and general partners in various private investment funds.

Over the years, I have authored several articles, white papers, and other publications on entrepreneurship, private equity, and economic issues, some of which were featured on Bloomberg Business Week, Fast Company, JD Supra, and Thomson Reuters.

Whenever I’m not working, you will likely find me riding my motorcycle. It’s perfect for beating traffic in busy city centers, but even when I have to travel long distances, I often use my bike. On my motorcycle I’m out in the open. I can feel, smell and breath-in the land as I’m cruising by. It has a calming, almost therapeutic effect on me. To me, it’s no longer about getting to my destination. Getting there is often the best part of my trip.

What they say.

Neil Mandt

Georg Schwarzenbach

Hervé Blanc

Producer, New York, NY

Finca Naja, Medellin, Colombia

“Karl was great to work with. I have a long background in media, producing studio level movies and network TV shows and needed a professionally written business plan for a very specific audience. Karl delivered. He was an excellent communicator and learned my subject matter at a very granular level in a short time. I highly recommend”.

"If you are serious about quality, timeliness, and discipline, then Karl Mohr is a reflection of those qualities. Thank you, Karl, for the dedication and devotion and the admonishment. This is what it takes sometimes."

“Karl started with a rather complex and elaborate document, which we created inhouse, and turned it into a refined and clearly-structured roadmap that was well-received by targeted audiences. His understanding of cutting-edge technologies and his talent to tell persuasive strategic stories are truly impressive.”

Giuseppe Morlino

Brett Blackman

Charles A. Andon

SnapBack Srl, Rome, Italy

Health Splash Inc, Paola, KS

“We worked with Karl on a strategic business plan and marketing strategy to grow our business and complete our Series A round. Karl is extremely knowledgable and professional. He has been a tremendous asset during this entire process.”

“Karl came in at a critical juncture in our business development process and helped us formulate a launch strategy that greatly exceeded our expectations. He has been a great asset to our project. His knowledge is incredible!”

"Karl is fantastic. A true guru. He is insightful, positive, enthusiastic, and more invigorating than coffee!"

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